“Associations are the hidden glue of our society and economy. Like the mortar that holds the bricks of a building together, associations go largely unnoticed, yet they do much to hold the entire structure together. As such, associations cannot settle for being only good; they must work towards greatness.”

Jim Collins – 7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don’t

An association thrives when the membership experience is relevant, positive and memorable for members. An association management company’s goal should be to help associations enhance their value to members. Never satisfied with the status quo, Essentient Association Management & Events is always looking for innovative, cost-effective and professional ways to achieve that goal.

Essentient’s strategic direction is best summarized with the term controlled growth.  By choosing to offer our services to a select few professional and industry associations, the Essentient team is well positioned to deliver focused, optimized service to our “partner” clients.

Our goal is Clients for Life.  When matched with the right client on the right terms, we believe it is possible for both parties to benefit from a continuous relationship that is professional, productive and enjoyable. This belief motivates us every day to give our best service to our valued clients.  Henry Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a process; working together is a success.”

Intrinsic with our Clients for Life philosophy are the guiding principles with which we function: Integrity, Trust and Transparency.  Essentient Association Management & Events interacts with openness and honesty in all matters.  Our clients trust us absolutely with their data, their finances, and to be professional ambassadors to their members. We would never risk losing that trust.

Essentient fosters a company culture that encourages and promotes critical thinking and problem solving, initiative, innovation, professional development, fairness and job satisfaction.  Our cohesive team of strategic thinkers, planners and doers is ready to help our clients achieve their goals.

Strong Administrative Leadership

Essentient staff has had the privilege of working for several different associations in a variety of roles giving them the opportunity to acquire and enhance management skills in a number of key areas. These include board/committee management, membership services, strategic planning, marketing/communications, website management, financial administration and volunteer support.

Member Focus

  • Essentient believes that associations have to think of themselves as businesses, and the members as customers.
  • Essentient staff is personable and approachable which plays an important role in their association management success and which is evident in the respect they have garnered from their clients.
  • Essentient staff has managed many committees and play an integral role in ensuring that these committees are populated with volunteers who are capable and enthusiastic.
  • Essentient team members are capable communicators, facilitators and take advantage of professional development opportunities or activities that further hone their skills in these areas including writing, speaking and listening.
  • Essentient has access to a significant network of highly skilled association experts.

 Event Planning

Essentient is a full service association management company that also happens to be very skilled at running large and small events including seminars, conferences, galas, golf tournaments and sporting events. Essentient has time-honoured and tested systems that enable staff to execute over 75 events per year.

Collaborative Style

Many of the associations with whom Essentient works have benefited from our ability to not only bring volunteers, staff and stakeholders together but also our keen abilities for retaining the right people for long and short term projects, tasks and deliverables.