Case Study #2 – Creating Value

Essentient is more than just an association management company.

Essentient also provides writing, creative and design services for member communications, event marketing and website development.

When Association #3 was faced with misleading advertising by competing energy companies as well as dwindling market share of their product Essentient designed a three month marketing campaign that engaged the members at the grass roots level and staged distribution of key messages through print, electronic and broadcast media. The campaign was delivered on time and on budget and the association was able to dispel some of the negative myths about their product.

These types of services set Essentient apart from its competition because they have the capabilities under one roof. In the past four years, Essentient has guided other marketing campaigns and project managed the creative design, branding, development and launch of four websites.

Case Study #1 – Membership Growth

Since 2008, Essentient has helped Association #1 grow its membership by over 70%, despite one of the toughest financial markets in recent history. This association continues to grow with membership retention at around 90% and membership engagement at 84%.

From 2008 to 2012 they went from being 8th largest of 52 chapters to the 2nd largest. This was achieved through quality programming, creative marketing, effective communications and a well-defined value proposition. Volunteer leaders and Essentient staff work in partnership to identify new growth opportunities including a very successful mentorship program, and produce high end events such as their annual awards gala and case study competition. With over 1,000 members, the association is the envy of other North American chapters, award winning and is the premier association of its kind within its market area.

Association #2 has also experienced significant membership growth. Since becoming their AMC in early 2013, Essentient worked closely with the membership committee to shift their focus from  recruitment to retention; and with the programming committee to align their program delivery with what the members want and need.

Between February 2013 and February 2014 membership had a net increase of nearly 20%, the first time the organization had seen sustainable membership growth in nearly 10 years. Essentient has also introduced systems and association best practices to the organization resulting in better structure and efficiency overall and less stressed volunteers.