Never Under-estimate the Importance of a Name Tag

Over the past several years we have created tens of thousands of name tags for our meetings and events. And if there is one t524720_515002911886881_1211081280_nhing we have taken to heart, it is, if you don’t think that a name tag is important, just wait until your delegate/guest discovers that their name tag contains a spelling error or it is missing.

So what do we do that makes our name tags stand out?

First of all, we make sure that name tags can be read from several paces away. There is nothing worse than having to squint to read the person’s name. And keeping in mind that not everyone has 20/20 vision, we follow a very simple formula:

FIRST NAME – Sans serif, 54 pt.

First Lastname – Sans serif – 24 pt

Company – Sans serif 18 pt

The second thing we do is purchase a supply of name tags that a) have a simple elastic lanyard; but b) not the kind of lanyard that can twist. All of our name tags lay flat on the centre portion of the wearer’s chest. We also don’t use the pin on type of name tags as they can damage clothing.

Once the name tags have been printed, the staff responsible for the event check and double check to make sure that names and companies are accurate and that we can match every name to the registration list. We make it a priority to get it right the first time, ultimately avoiding awkward moments later at the registration desk.

Finally, while we may recycle the plastic badge holders, we never reuse the printed name tags for future events as names and companies change frequently. Every time we print a name tag it is based on current information in our database.

Still unsure about proper name tag etiquette? Here is a website that we found that provides lots of practical info.

It’s Time to Face Reality

As an association management company we are a leader in our sector, but, we continue to downplay our skill and success in the events space.

We currently average 85 events per year for our association clients. After 11 years as an AMC we have planned and executed literally hundreds of events attended by thousands of guests.

The truth is, whether or not we want to admit it, in addition to being a really, really good association management company, we are also an excellent events management company.

So whether you are seeking a full service association management company or you need an events company to manage your association’s conference, awards gala or social event, we want to exceed your expectations and make you look good.