Essentient believes that it has the advantage in addressing association needs because of the following success factors:

Size – Essentient is reluctant to build an unwieldy “empire” of associations thus enabling them to be more responsive to the demands of association members and to provide the appropriate level of service that their clients demand. Essentient wants to ensure that their clients’ needs are being addressed in a timely manner and not getting lost through layers of bureaucracy and staff turnover.

Relevant Experience – Essentient’s toolkit is large and of high quality acquired over several years of managing trade and professional associations at the national and provincial level.  Because Essentient already has the necessary skill-sets “in house”, there is no need for the outsourcing of certain tasks or projects.

High Altitude “What”/Ground-level “How” – Essentient believes that association management can be pure and simple. It also recognizes that pure and simple is not always the reality and that sometimes, the “complicated” has to be made uncomplicated through critical, high-level thinking or simplified through grassroots tactical planning. Essentient has experience from the strategic to the operational and enjoys being involved in the process that takes an idea from vision to action.