Testimonials – In our clients’ own words

Here are a sampling of testimonials that we have received from our satisfied client associations:

When Essentient Association Management took over responsibilities (of the association) our Chapter was in need of a shot in the arm. Administratively, our Board was burdened by average performance – Chapter functions were poorly promoted, communication was lacking, and Board members spent a disproportionate amount of time managing the affairs of our Chapter. This all changed when we hired Constance and her firm Essentient in February 2008.

Constance and her team integrated in our our group with ease and confidence and the impact was immediate. One of her first orders of business was to document procedures to ensure that tasks were properly performed and executed. Her constant attention to every detail and the recording thereof resulted in a comprehensive Policies & Procedures Manual and an information rich database. Constance and her people grasp the project, lead with strategy and planning and take ownership of the results.

Past President – Current Association

Constance (Wrigley-Thomas) has demonstrated vision, focus and tremendous passion during her tenure with this organization. I believe her to be truly gifted in her abilities, from which we have been extremely fortunate to benefit. I have no hesitation in recommending Constance Wrigley-Thomas in the highest possible terms.

Past President – Current Association

Constance works diligently behind the scenes to build and develop the Greater Toronto Chapter and make its volunteers productive in their dedication to NAIOP’s initiatives. Her contributions and dedication are exceptional.

Former Board Member – Current Association

It is no understatement to proclaim that Constance is the glue that holds this large chapter and highly demanding board of directors together. Constance has been our chapter executive for the past (eight) years and the results speak for themselves. (When) several of our chapters lost a considerable number of members (during the economic downturn) our association actually grew to our largest membership count in our history. This result is without question largely due to the efforts of Constance who has brought our chapter to the next level of professionalism.

Past President – Current Association