What is an Association Management Company?

An Association Management Company (AMC) is a professional service firm that provides leadership in association management and other services through experienced staff, proven practices, and shared resources.

When providing full service management, the AMC’s offices serve as the association’s headquarters. AMCs also provide specialized services to associations that may not need full service management. AMCs bring economies of scale, buying power, flexibility and adaptability through executive leadership and professional, efficient management of programs and services, enabling productive use of association leaders’ time.

Facts about the AMC industry:
  • Numbers more than 670 AMCs globally (Estimated 40 in Canada)
  • Represents more than 4,600 associations
  • Manages annual budgets exceeding $3.4 billion
  • Employs more than 7,600 professionals
  • Manages nearly 23,000 association meetings each year
Information provided by: AMC Institute