To those who know us, Essentient Association Management has focused its business on providing full service support to its association clients for nearly two decades. While some of our competitors can be better described as event or secretariat companies first and AMCs second, we are proud to be an AMC first.

What does this mean for our association clients? It means that Essentient has the capacity and know how to work with volunteer leadership to grow the association and help them to achieve organizational excellence.

During our nearly seventeen years of operations as a company, Essentient Association Management is incredibly proud of its solid record of helping several organizations reach their potential through the implementation of tried and true systems, well-regarded governance tools and well thought through and implemented strategies and tactics. These include:

– Policies and procedures
– Board orientation/training
– Board roles and responsibilities
– Consent agenda
– Organizational review
– Strategic planning
– Business planning

And while we are indeed very good at running events (we have successfully run hundreds of them over the years), our clients value us for our ability to help them up their game and be successful.