December 15, 2015 – The staff at Essentient Association Management sets the bar high, not just for their clients, but also for themselves. In addition to being hard working and very competent professionals, they are also fine human beings because they care about others and contribute in a meaningful way in their own communities.

Earlier today two members of the Essentient team staffed an event at a venue attached to the Union Pearson Express station. Delicious boxed lunches were pre-ordered and the 60 or so registrants were going to be taking a round trip on the new Union Pearson Express. As with all events there were some no-shows.

At the end of the event there were approximately 12 bought and paid for boxed lunches left over.  But, rather than leave them behind to be thrown away, our staff collected them and then walked outside around Union Station, handing the boxed lunches to some local denizens.

Over the years we have relied upon organizations such as Second Harvest to pick up and distribute our surplus event food, but this was a kinder, gentler way of helping a dozen people on a damp Toronto street have a better day. We couldn’t be prouder of our staff.