Heidi Loney, DES –  Executive Director

Heidi joined Essentient in 2018 and is responsible for managing all client social media channels. In 2020 her role was expanded to provide marketing/communications support and project management video production project management. Heidi will be moving into her new role as associate executive director for one of Essentient’s association clients in late 2021.

Before working for Essentient, Heidi studied theatre at Ryerson University and worked as a costumer in Toronto theatre and film. While raising her two boys, she also enjoyed a career as a blogger and YP author before launching her very successful Costume CO channel – The analysis of Cinematic Costume – on YouTube. Heidi loves to give back to her community by helping support the settlement of newcomers (most recently Afghan refugees). As well, she provides support to a family living in Nunavut.

Heidi’s creativity, project management skills and social media expertise have made her a valuable asset to the Essentient team. In 2021, Heidi received the prestigious CSAE Donna Mary Shaw Award for Emerging Leader. Heidi commenced her pursuit of the Certified Association Executive (Designation) in 2021.