Did You Know? – AMC-managed associations do better financially than stand-alone associations

August 8, 2015 – An independent study by a researcher from Brigham Young University (BYU) shows that associations of all sizes can benefit from partnering with an Association Management Company.

Key findings from the study indicate that, on average, AMC-managed associations experience more than three times the growth in net assets and 31 percent more growth in net revenue regardless of size and tax status.

“Given the wide variety of associations surveyed, and the random sampling applied, the findings are remarkably consistent,” said James Gaskin, a professor of information systems at BYU. “When we analyzed the data, it was clear that associations of all types and sizes using the AMC model tend to be the strongest financially.”

Additional findings indicated that, on average, AMC-run associations have:

  • Less liabilities as a percent of revenue
  • Lower expenses as a percent of revenue
  • Higher surpluses as a percent of revenue

AMC Institute Launches New Brand

AMC Logo

August 8, 2015 – Essentient Assocation Management was in Detroit for AMCs Engaged, a mini-conference hosted by the AMC Institute in conjunction with the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) annual meeting. Essentient is a proud and active member of both AMCI and ASAE.

During the meeting AMCI announced that it has developed a bold new brand that embodies the energy, focus, and spirit of collaboration which defines our members and the AMC model. The vibrant look can be seen throughout their new website and upgraded social media channels. Underpinning the rebranding process is AMCI’s strategic focus on thought leadership, industry growth, and best practices through accreditation.

Charles Hall, AMCI’s Board Chair stated “While I am sure there will be some tweaks to be made, the rebrand was undertaken to ensure that AMCI’s identity is as strong, visionary, and modern as our strategy. It will serve as a reminder that at our core we represent top professionals who work in partnership to ensure the success and advancement of associations and not-for-profits.”

In re-imagining the brand, the Institute’s key decision-makers emphasized that AMCI’s core commitments to innovation, flexibility, ideation, and creating opportunities to connect AMC’s with association decision-makers.

For more information about AMCI and the AMC model, visit www.amcinstitute.org.